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"DrolMaa is a family of female mental health practitioners which includes Psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors, Healers, Life Coaches, Special Educators etc, who’ve joined their hands to bring a revolution in mental, emotional and psychological health with an individualistic approach."

We all came from varied background, experiences, culture, school of thoughts having different and unique approaches to work with psychology and mental health of people. Just Imagine!! How beautifully we learn from each other and share our knowledge to flourish everyone’s lives & help the society to bloom. This is why we call it “DrolMaa Constellation”, a constellation of sparking stars bringing light to your lives.


"To revolutionize mental health through modifying the perception about mental health, spreading awareness with different approaches and finally changing the lifestyle."


"To add different layers of experts in other fields, who can complement the holistic approach of mental well-being."

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